Philanthropically and philosophically motivated patriots, we represent patrons of art, history, and culture. Looking Glass House, LLC (LGH) is a low-profit company dedicated to an altruistic sense of civic obligation; as fellow humans, we seek to help alleviate the unnecessary pain, suffering, and oppression of others.

Civic and social justice minded, LGH will use a portion of profits from the Topeka Liberty House to provide support to the diverse LGBT+ community in the Midwest, various organizations, charities and nonprofits, and applied to other benevolent efforts as deemed necessary. The Liberty House committee seeks to be a positive element within the Topeka community while providing a boost to the local economy.

Liberty House

Rainbow House


The Liberty House is a welcoming, cultural minded vacation rental home on the suburban prairie in the capital city of Topeka, Kansas. A small library including the works of Thomas Jefferson, displaying his passion for religious liberty and the careful construction of our secular democracy, as well as other books on United States history and world religions will be available for guests to peruse at their leisure.

The Liberty House stands in solemn memoriam; not only as a testament to freedom and liberty, but to honor those lost in the War on LGBT+. In tribute, this home wrapped in black is a living memorial to our fallen. With liberty and the pursuit of happiness written into our most basic democratic constructs, we believe all who call America home are entitled to seek these ideals freely & unencumbered. We invite guests to share their stories and photos in our guest book during their stay.

With reverence we pay tribute to Sally Hemings and her descendants in our "No Masters" suite. We do so out of solemn respect to her trials and those of other African Americans; a reminder of America’s past, what we’ve overcome thus far, and how far we still have yet to go. The Liberty House will exist as a sanctuary for guests to explore our often fraught but shared history, to celebrate our diversity and the liberation of self-acceptance through self-expression.


Native Kansans, explorers of the Midwest, and world nomads, the Liberty House effort consists of activists, artists, and small business owners. The Liberty House is the first brainchild of Looking Glass House, LLC, and was born of a need to address very specific issues LGBT+ youth are facing here in the Midwest. Time after time, we encounter friends, family, and loved ones who’ve found themselves displaced, shunned from their family and friends due to LGBT+ discrimination.

We’ve grieved and sobbed, forever changed as those we loved chose death over discrimination, or were violently murdered by the hate and fear of others. As we sought to find ways to alleviate the suffering of others, we became more and more alarmed at the lack of them, and the rising death toll. We began researching how we could assist those in need in finding appropriate, and safe placement.

The view from our cozy front porch

After a visit to the Equality and Trans Houses, we experienced a moment of self-realization and personal empowerment. It was a surprising and deeply moving experience, which some have labeled as therapeutic and restorative in nature.

During this brief but life altering experience, we took note of a little house for sale at the crossroads of this historic neighborhood. Not long after, the concept for the Liberty House was born, an effort to restore the dignity and humanity of others, piece by piece, while contributing to the issues still at hand.

Our history is a part of us. Of all of us. We hope that living here for a moment in time will help us acknowledge our past mistakes, while making positive reparations towards our shared future. We want guests to leave feeling empowered and emboldened.

The statistics are indeed alarming:

“LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) individuals face a particular set of challenges, both in becoming homeless as well as when they are trying to avoid homelessness. LGBT persons face social stigma, discrimination, and often rejection by their families, which adds to the physical and mental strains/challenges that all homelessness persons must struggle with.
Frequently, homeless LGBT persons have great difficulty finding shelters that accept and respect them. LGBT individuals experiencing homelessness are often at a heightened risk of violence, abuse, and exploitation compared with their heterosexual peers.
Transgender people are particularly at physical risk due to a lack of acceptance and are often turned away from shelters; in some cases signs have been posted barring their entrance.

● According to the Williams Institute, 40% of the homeless youth served by agencies identify as LGBT
● 43% of clients served by drop-in centers identified as LGBT
● 30% of street outreach clients identified as LGBT
● 30% of clients utilizing housing programs identified as LGBT” - National Coalition for the Homeless

More statistics:

“● Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24.
● The rate of suicide attempts is 4 times greater for LGBT youth and 2 times greater for questioning youth than that of straight youth.
● Suicide attempts by LGBT youth and questioning youth are 4 to 6 times more likely to result in injury, poisoning, or overdose that requires treatment from a doctor or nurse, compared to their straight peers.
● In a national study, 40% of transgender adults reported having made a suicide attempt. 92% of these individuals reported having attempted suicide before the age of 25.
● LGBT youth who come from highly rejecting families are 8.4 times as likely to have attempted suicide as LGBT peers who reported no or low levels of family rejection.
● 1 out of 6 students nationwide (grades 9-12) seriously considered suicide in the past year.
● Each episode of LGBT victimization, such as physical or verbal harassment or abuse, increases the likelihood of self-harming behavior by 2.5 times on average.”
- Source: The Trevor Project

We cannot desist, we must persist:

40% of Youth Experiencing Homelessness Identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender (LGBT). In America, up to 1.6 million youth experience homelessness each year. The statistics for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) homeless youth are even more shocking, as this group represents up to 40% all young people experiencing homelessness. Considering that LGBT youth represent an estimated 7% of the total youth population, these numbers are disproportionately high. While even a single young person without a home is one too many, the disparity of LGBT youth experiencing homelessness is unfathomable. 

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